The MIM metal feed with the advantages of high-speed mixer

Metal Injection feeding is important for the metal injection molding process, the metal feed quality will affect the performance and life of metal products. High quality metal feed in the process of preparation include the choice of raw material powder, binder formula, mixing, granulation, mixing is a key link.

High-speed mixer refers to the speed in more than 60 RMP mixing equipment, because of higher than normal over twice the speed of mixer, mixing cycle is shorten, the improved the production efficiency. It has a wide applicable scope, can be used for rubber material mixing, can also be used in dry powder mixed with binder. In recent years, with the promotion mature of metal injection molding process, used in the preparation of metal feed mixing equipment is more and more attention. Among them, high speed mixer because of its outstanding advantage is listed as one of the ideal mixing equipment.

The characteristics of high quality metal feed is uniform particle size, shape full, use a metal feeding high-speed mixer, mixing before granulation can improve the mixing efficiency, on the basis of greatly increase the uniformity of metal powder mixed with binder, provided a basis for the back of the granulation process. After high-speed mixing the mixture of metal powder and the binder cut grain shape, using professional granulation equipment is complete metal feeding the whole production process.