The MIM parts are commonly used ways of polishing

1.1 Mechanical polishing
Mechanical polishing advantage is processed parts flat, high brightness.The downside is the intensity of labor is big, there is pollution, not suitable for complex polishing the MIM parts, and gloss can’t consistent, easy to rust.Suitable for processing is simple, small and medium-sized products.

1.2Chemical polishing
Advantages of chemical polishing processing equipment is less investment, complex parts can be polished, fast speed, high efficiency, good anticorrosion.Its defect is the difference in degree of light, have gas overflow, need ventilation, heating.Suitable for processing small batch complex MIM parts and small parts is not high brightness o products.

1.3Electrolytic polishing

Electrolytic polishing advantage is gloss maintain a long time, and less pollution, low cost, good anticorrosion.The downside is high polluting prevention, processing and large equipment investment.Suitable for batch production, important application in advanced products, have tolerance products, its processing technology, operation is relatively short.
Electrochemical polishing process is divided into two steps:
(1) macro leveling lysate to disperse in electrolyte, geometric coarse material appearance to drop, Ra > Ra>1μm.
(2) the flat light anode polarization, improve appearance bright degree, Ra<1μm.