The MIM process of auto parts

Florida in the United States in 1988 publicly held its first meeting metal powder injection molding technology, attracted experts and scholars from all over the world, the same year, the parent company of China, kair original puit cisri start project research and development of this technology.In the 90 s, the most widely used of the MIM is BP machine vibration of tungsten alloy vibrator motor.
After 2000, stainless steel series are widely used, such as optical fiber connector, the hinge series of consumer electronics, mobile phone keys, sim cato tank, etc.Recent MIM industry investment boom, is due to the MIM parts are widely used in mobile phone industry, as well as 3 c industry assembly plant in China, the investment threshold is reduced, it attracted a lot of capital inflows.
Metal powder injection molding in the powder metallurgy industry, the development of technology is also more and more mature and stable.Metallurgical and metal powder injection molding technology mainly includes the following aspects: the preparation of feed, injection molding, injection molding process of computer simulation, degreasing, sintering, the application of MIM, MIM products design and specification.

China has become a major country of automobile production.With the vigorous development of auto industry, auto parts market will also get rapid development.International of MIM products use in each car is 14 kg in Europe, Japan is 16 kilograms, the United States is 19.5 kg.And domestic automobile MIM products use only 5 kilograms.It also indicated that in the next few years China’s automobile MIM parts products market potential is tremendous.MIM enterprises should seize the opportunity, improve the level of technology, to meet greater challenges.

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