The MIM technology in medical applications

In the field of medical apparatus and instruments, the MIM (metal injection molding)process of medical parts with high precision and can satisfy the most sophisticated medical equipment accessories needed for the small, complex, high strength and performance requirements,MIM (metal injection molding)process has also been widely used in recent years, such as operation handle, scissors, tweezers, dental parts, parts of otology, orthopaedic joint parts, etc.

Medical equipment is the base of the construction of the medical and health care system, medical apparatus and instruments will guide and whole construction machinery industry is highly strategic, growth, its strategic position is paid great attention to by all countries in the world, has become a national science and technology progress and the level is an important symbol of the national economy, and become one of the most active industry in today’s world trade.Global medical device market is worth $501.8 billion in 2014, a $122.5 billion increase over 2010, the compound annual growth rate of 7.25%.

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