The MIM technology in the application of electronic products

Iphone series phones continue to create the sales miracle in the field of digital electronics, mainly due to the iphone mobile phone appearance design of metal. A few years ago, the iphone’s metal shell mobile phones led the trend of metal products. Many mobile phone brands have begun to pay attention to the appearance of a mobile phone metal design, metal material widely, stronger than traditional plastic chassis, wear-resisting, resistance to fall off.It is better than traditional plastic material on the mechanical properties of the metal material, can processing appearance style also is more, after polishing, wire drawing and other surface treatment of the aircraft skin more beautiful than a single plastic material.

Micro SIM Card Tray For Powder Metal Sintered PartsA lot of mobile phone metal parts a lot of use of metal injection molding process. So electronic products matching shell and other accessories suppliers need to adjust the product structure and production line, the procurement of metal powder forming and related equipment and design special MIM mold.

In current metal powder materials demand growth,suppliers need to have magnesium alloy die-casting, CNC metal shell, powder metallurgy metal components, LDS antennas, strengthen new optical glass materials, new technology and manufacturing capabilities.

Electronic products shell metallization has brought the new trend in metal appearance design, for the metal injection molding shell products bring broad market space.

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