The PIM Mould Cost(2)

There is a big difference between mold factory. Repeatedly crosswise comparison indicates that at least three times the difference. In a direct comparison, eight mould factory on the same pair of dies the price range of $27000 to $70000 (an average of $40700, the median price of $34900, the standard deviation of $17200).In more than six of PIM mould cost computing in the study, mould cost proportion of the highest and the lowest generally is 2.8. Such a height ratio is normal. Mould delivery time are also different, average delivery time is 9 weeks, deviation of 2 weeks. Asia mold manufacturers produce batch is large, for the same mold costs can be reduced by 38%.Such differences mainly derived from the date of delivery and workload of the mills , and past experience and manufacturing capacity. In addition, many holes mold used more and more, the efficiency of the automated mold processing workshop will be higher.

When the production volume is very small, mould manufacturing cost is the main cost. Reasonable design of the mould can be used 2-3 million times without failure, and poor die fatigue damage can arise after using 500 times. Usually after using every 10 million-30 million times life cycle, the need for mold parting lines and ejector for maintenance. For injection molding of the harder material (ceramics, carbides and composites), the life of mold may be of only 50,000 times.The failure of mold will increase costs,it is usually caused by improper heat treatment wear or fatigue failure.