The Powder Cost

In most of the PIM production,the cost of powder or feed manufacturing cost ratio can occupy up to 50%.Common composition of powder price is low. As the most of the manufacturing process, the price of the powder will reduce with the increase of consumption. For example,the particle size of the water atomized steel powder 15um,100kg price is $ 27 / kg, 10t price is 11$ / kg, when there is a long-term regular order agreement the price can even down to $8 / kg. Meanwhile,for the titanium powder,30 kg colloidal titanium powder price is $77 / kg, the price is $104 / kg of spherical powder, but for 120 kg of order, the price is $69 / kg, and $93 / kg.
Some common chemical composition of the powder or feed prices due to the increase in the whole industry demand for reduced year by year.In the past decade, the average sale price of stainless steel powder was reduced by 30%.This is the largest amount of powder PIM,occupies 50% of sale of metal parts, so there is fierce price competition. For stainless steel powder, the cost of its raw ingredients (iron, nickel and chromium) of about $ 2 / kg, atomization costs about $ 1.5 / KG, so these differences are atomized yield a comprehensive reflection of the management fee profits .