The service life of mould

Because the mold is the largest initial costs,prolong the service life of mould is important for economy of PIM. Initial mold fee must allocated to all the number of products to produce, so if required more than thousands of products, extend the service life of mould is beneficial.
In general, the PIM in the annual output of less than 5000 cases, it is not economic. Some ceramic and carbide parts is an exception, the production volume can be as small as 200. Typically,the production of 300000 pieces or more, the cost of the mould is not so important. Several kinds of coating technology has been recommended in order to prolong the service life of mould, especially for the wear strong ceramic particles, its wear resistance is better. These coating technologies include intermetallic coating, plating PTFE particles sputtered layers and a variety of spray, vapor and reflect interface. These coatings will increase the manufacturing cost of the mold,but for large-volume production, the mold costs can be increased gradually as the time to recover, in particular at least the thickness of the coating as same as tolerances.