The skim cost of PIM

Skim cost owing to the different methods, have a high cost method, such as vacuum degreasing and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent degreasing, has the lowest cost of dry water method. This can be largely attributed to the device cost and the time duration of the parts in the equipment. The cost depends on the atmosphere of the thermal degreasing, but thermal degreasing method is the highest production efficiency. In contrast, the catalytic skim dependent on expensive equipment and protective atmosphere and environment (emission) of high running cost control.
Differences between the degreasing process equipment for assets cost can reach 10 times. For example, if the corrosive solvent degreasing, in order to achieve environment allows low emission standards, the cost of equipment investment of more than $450000, but if the water-soluble binder, the cost will be greatly reduced, is about 20000 dollars. Daily processing 300 kg of components of the thermal degreasing muffle furnace is the price of $40000-70000. Daily processing of 50 kg parts small catalytic degreasing furnace with a $25000 or more. PIM for small size parts degreasing, commonly used degreasing cycle is 8h, the production cost of the degreasing is usually $2.5 / kg.