The structure of the metal powder injection molding mold

Mold technology, largely determines the cost of the product, the quality of yield and even features. Mold of metal powder injection molding which is the basis for part of the MIM process. Metal injection molding of the main structure and the traditional plastic mold structure is roughly same, by the gating system, forming parts and structural parts of three parts. Among them, the casting and forming part of the system is part of the direct contact with the filling of the feed, which is the highest part of the mold and precision machining finish.

1. Gating system: refers to the molten material from the nozzle flow channel section of the cavity, including the mainstream way, slag hole, distributary channel and gate, etc. Mainstream the dow immediately following the nozzle to the shunt flow or cavity of a channel, generally for cone, at the top of the concave, with the nozzle;Slag hole is located in the end of the mainstream way a hole, used to cover the nozzle end cold material between the two injection, to prevent clogging distributary channel and the gate;Diversion channel is the channel between the main channel and the gate, and more generally for multi-cavity mold; Gate is the connection point runner and cavity, the molten material into the cavity formed by the gate.

2. Forming part: refers to the shape of the various parts constituting products, including dynamic simulation, and fixed mold cavity, core, forming bars and exhaust vent. When working, dynamic model and the fixed mold is closed, the core and sub-cavity mold cavity they constitute. The exhaust port is opened in a channel-shaped mold outlet, melt the entrained gas for discharging.
3. Structural components including orientation, stripping, core pulling, typing parts, such as front and rear buckle template, pressure plates, guide posts, stripper, stripping rods, etc. Oriented components is to ensure that the dynamic model and fixed model in correctly to when clamping.
With the rapid development of MIM technology in China,MIM mold has been rapid development. Product application scope is more and more wide, demand is higher and higher, the MIM mold manufacturing and design process also need to constantly improve, to meet the needs of product development.