Vacuum MIM sintering and hydrogen MIM sintering process


Vacuum sintering

Hydrogen sintering

Protective atmosphere

Vacuum atmosphere, role: neutral atmosphere, ensure that the product is not affected by bad mood in the sintering process

Hydrogen atmosphere, role: reducing atmosphere, ensure that the product in the sintering process is not affected by bad mood, at the same time ensure that the product does not increase carbon.

The pressure in the furnace




Product movement process

Stationary products, furnace temperature change

Product movement, in contrast to the hydrogen flow, furnace temperature remains constant


Suitable for high carbon and low carbon products.

2. Suitable for different material products cross sintering;
3. High suits to put products sintering;

1.Especially suitable for low carbon or no carbon MIM products;
2.Products suitable for the batch is very large;
3.MIM Products have good stability;


1.Equipment susceptible to human error;
2.With low carbon or no carbon products, with increasing carbon risk;
3.Production capacity is not enough;

1.Not suitable for high carbon products (unless the nitrogen sintering);
2.Equipment failure, affect the production capacity;
3.Not suitable for different materials frequently cross sintering