Vulcanization process of Powder metallurgy products

Vulcanization process is relatively simple, do not need special equipment, its technology is: sulfur in crucible melting, temperature control at 120 ~ 130 C, the sulfur liquidity is better, if the temperature is too high, is not conducive to impregnation.

Will need to be impregnated sintered products to be preheated to 100 to 150 DEG C, then the products into the molten sulfur solution, dipping 3 ~ 20 minutes, without preheating products dipping 25 ~ 30 minutes. As the products of the density, thickness and required immersion is to determine the dipping time. Low density, wall thickness of the soaking time can be less; and vice versa. Dip after out products, all remaining sulfur.

Finally, the impregnated products into the furnace, hydrogen permeation protection, can also use charcoal protection, heated to 700 to 720 DEG C insulation 0.5 ~ 1 hours, at this time, immersion of sulphur and iron of iron sulfide. The density of 6 to 6.2 g / cm products, sulphur into about 35 ~ 4% (by weight ). Roasting is to make into parts pores in the form of sulfur iron sulfide. Vulcanization treatment, sintered products, can be oiled and finishing processing.