What is MIM?

Powder injection moulding (PIM) belongs to the net shape process, using polymer binders and inert powders on the injection moulding machine works parts. PIM branch consists of metal powder injection molding (MIM), ceramic powder injection molding (CIM) and cemented carbide powder injection molding (CCIM).

Distinctive feature of PIM

PIM can produce a wide range of high-performance, complex shaped parts. In essence. This is a net-shape forming technology, meaning that only requires a small amount of machining can be shaped for the final part. Because the products of PIM have a high final density, usually have high performance than the other net shape methods.

According to PIM processing of material including ceramics and alloys.
Pictures like the one shown in the following figure out the main advantage of PIM forming part of shape complexity, low cost and high performance. The greatest concentration of the target area at the junction of three factors. Of course other secondary characteristics also influence decisions on whether or not the use of PIM process. Several favorable factors, including the high productivity of equipment and material utilization is high, good surface quality and tolerances and high accuracy. Such as the injected parts can be formed both inside and outside threads, thus eliminating machining. In addition, jagged shapes, grid patterns, parts identification codes and badges during the injection phase formed directly on the parts. PIM can control the gap of material , even hierarchical phase can be set in the gap or material parts of the designated area, to implement custom functionality.