What products are suitable for MIM?

The first is the complexity of the product.

The MIM is same as plastic injection molding parts with complex flexible design.Need multiple components for assembly of parts can be designed into a MIM parts, can not use other manufacture process of complex parts, the need to complete a variety of machining of complex parts.

The second is the weight and size.

The weight of the product range from 0.1 to 250 grams, 50 grams is the weight of the most economic.Now also can produce 0.01 g products.

Because there’s the price of raw material powder, more than 100 grams of product costs may rise.2 to 6 mm wall thickness is the most suitable for MIM.

The third is the output.

The number of 10000 to 2 million is the most appropriate the most economic, the greater the number, the more can reflect the advantage of cost.But in the mould and development into consideration, if the product quantity is too little, cost-sharing to the products, the unit price will be hard to accept.

The fourth is raw material and performance.

The MIM can material application scope is very broad, from stainless steel, low alloy steel, hard alloy, high proportion alloy to the high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, ceramics and metal matrix composites.Need from the performance close to the dense and difficult to machining materials and non-standard materials, good surface roughness, structure features of the more clearly details, etc., to use MIM technology is fit for consideration.

The MIM technology as a new molding process, widely in the field of machinery, medical and electronic applications, also has more application in the field of automobile.
Such as: turbo parts, adjustable ring, nozzle parts, blades, seat adjustment, gear lever, gear box, lock, sensors, air bags, seat belts regulator, ignition switch, reverse gear, activity, car parts, steering parts, etc. These products have been in mass production.