Why choose Sofine MIM?

Hundreds of Chinese and abroad company choose Sofine as MIM partners.We continuously provide customers with high quality of MIM parts and aftertreatment products, to Sofine won a high reputation in the industry.This is Sofine continuously improve quality assurance, continuous innovation, and continuously improve the service quality of the results.

We have developed more than 900 kinds of MIM products.Rich experience enables us to quickly and efficiently develop new products, become a processing and manufacturing experts.

Sofine in mainland China, South Korea and the United States have set up factories or service, and has perfect MIM post-treatment processing workshop.

We offer a wide range of services for customers demand complex offers complete manufacturing solutions.We offer you professional management and integration services.We have talent, resources, and have the ability to size with the fastest speed to complete the project.

We offer a highly flexible solutions, adjust our process and production capacity to meet customer demand.We can meet the highest requirements from different applications and market.

Our management process is systematic, we do it consistently on every batch of goods.We look forward to success, and pay the practical action, we continually review our work, and continuously improve.