Electrical Performance

Many applications of ceramic are dependent on the electrical insulation, at this point the PIM products has proven to be fully effective. Alumina low conductivity, applications in microelectronics and computer has a long history, is a good material applied to high performance of insulators. Silica is also suitable for used as electrical insulators, but a mixture of alumina and silica material is the combination of the lowest cost. molding. PIM dielectric constant of alumina ceramic body (8-10F / m), and other process routes difficult to distinguish in nature, such as tape casting, slip casting or molding. At up to 700 degrees Celsius, resistance can still be maintained. In 1kHz, PIM dielectric constant of alumina greenhouse 9.8F / m, the loss tangent is negative quartic 10 or smaller, the performance can be maintained to 1MHz. When add the silicon oxide, insulation will decrease slightly.

PIM metal electrical applications of the products is by its resistivity (conductivity) from bottom to characterization. Residual holes and impurities will reduce the conductivity, but high temperature related to sintering process can remove reduce the conductivity of the impurities. It is important to note that the resistance of the ceramic products is high. In some studies, for the powder injection molding manufacturing electrical excitation ceramic device, especially piezoelectric carbonate. A suggestion of application is submarine underwater sonar detection.

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