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Metal powder injection molding of Sofine Tech

Our company production of an important buttons on the iPod is composed of five p […]


PIM of mobile phone parts

Powder injection molding applications in the mobile phone accessories more widel […]

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PIM product design principles

MIM technology has high precision and uniform structure, good performance, low p […]

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PIM suitable for small and complex products

Small complex metal parts with less process, no cutting or less cutting, high ec […]

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Defect control of metal powder injection molding

Metal powder injection molding in order to obtain a desired shape of a defect-fr […]

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Metal powder injection molding technology

Metal powder injection molding technology is the modern plastics injection moldi […]

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The structure of the metal powder injection molding mold

Mold technology, largely determines the cost of the product, the quality of yiel […]


Metal injection molding (MIM) Superiority

Metal injection molding (MIM), sometimes referred to as Powder Injection Molding […]

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PIM Surface Treatment

PIM Parts of the surface treatment is very common, used to improve  the function […]

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Connection Technology

Powder injection molding parts  after the production needs to connect into an as […]


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