Preliminary recognition of PIM product

How do you know if a product is suitable for use in powder injection molding process ?

You first need to consider the annual output. From past experience, the powder injection molding for industrial demand from the annual production of 5,000 pieces (such as specialized gun sight) to annual production of 100 million pieces (for example, mobile phone vibrator counterweight). If the target is within this range, next you need to consider the engineering specifications of the product. Most suitable for powder injection molding products, at least have 10 of its project definition requirements (size, location, surface quality, and so on), but not more than 100. Of course, outside this range of products is also use PIM process, but this is rarely expected.

PIM processing objects that involve shapes complexity, capacity and performance. In addition, the surface quality is another reason for using PIM. For rough surfaces, machining cost is determined by the device, but for the smooth surface, the additional processing time required high machining costs. As with the improvement of surface finish requirements, machining cost is increasing rapidly, therefore, allows PIM becomes a cost-saving solution. For grinding of hard materials as it is difficult to get a smooth surface, and the cost is very high, therefore, in the situation of using bad processing system or difficult machining of collection shape, PIM is better choice.

Therefore, from a processing point of view, the following property is the reason selected PIM:
1)Material of parts is difficult for machining.
2)Product design has something which hindered using coolant in the processing of machining.
3)Surface roughness values is less than 5 μ m, but does not have to achieve smooth level 0.2 μ m.
4)There is quite a lot of materials need to be removed by machining in product design.

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