The PIM Mould Cost(1)

Mold is made of forging steel or tool steel. Automation technology makes the time of PIM mould manufacturing down an average of six or eight weeks, but for the sake of convenience, it is still long time. Although most of the machining is controled by computer , for a key part of the mould, still have to manually finish machining processing. Traditional machining and EDM have been used in the mold manufacturing, the standard machine is CNC machine tools. By heat treatment to achieve the desired hardness after machining. Due to mold will warpage in the heat treatment,the need to use grinding or polishing to achieve the size requirements. The new surface treatment technology can improve mold surface hardness,rather than the traditional heat treatment method that may cause deformation or size changes. This kind of technology is particularly important for the progress of ceramic injection molding mold,because of the need to adopt more rigid mold to reduce wear.
PIM with modern die set cost between $2000 and $90000, most of the two hole grinding tool price at $12000-25000. Usually, customers need to pay for design, fabrication, inspection and first trial production cost, so the cost of the mould is more than actually machining cost, is usually more than $10000.In general, up to 50% of the cost of the mould cost need to be at the beginning of the project in advance. Already have mould quotation software, can speed up the design aspects of the analysis. There are two important factors affecting the cost of the mold. The first is related to the complexity of the mould. If the mould moving parts and a high degree of complex (with multiple holes, flange, out of body, etc.) and by the more high tolerance requirements of parts, so the mould cost will be higher. Mould manufacturing time and cost can be estimated by the following factors:
1.Die area and thickness.
2.Inclined top, thread parts, the number of the slide block and side core pulling parts. area, perimeter, and the complexity of the parts.
4.Holes, flange, sag ,the number of the plunger need to be machined.
5.The surface quality and tolerance.
6.The complexity of the parting line.
7.The number of cavity.
In order to mould cost calculation, people have established some mathematical formulas. There are several factors is depends on the local conditions – labor costs, and the current level of the commercialization of the automatic degree. Finally, in the safety margin of the cost of processing the raw material cost, management cost and profit, so as to get the final quotation. The complexity of the mould can be from the tolerance requirements, the number of holes, sag, perimeter and the ratio of width, circumference and the proportion of chengdu, and other special features to evaluate. The mould of tolerance has a very important impact on the cost