Developing Trend of PIM

As PIM technology grows,the applications of it are expanding,manufacturing industries of china develop quickly,especially the automobile industry.It brings opportunities to china,international known PIM companies’ money is on China,they are having production bases in China one by one.

1) Developing trend of PIM worldwide
In the past two years,the prices of copper powder,nickle powder,chrome powder and molybdenum powder fluctuate greatly,it impacts the market of PIM components a lot,but applications of automotive sector has been enhancing gradually.

The statistics of international powder summit on JUN 2008 showed that until 2007,Japanese and European PIM industries had kept enhancing all the time. In Japan,the output of PIM was 119 thousand of tons,an increase of 4.1% ;In Europe,the output of PIM was 199 thousand of tons,an increase of 11.4%.

2) International development direction of PIM
By means of studying PIM material,forming technology and so on,to adapt its market,to realize high hardness,complex shapes,multifunction,Japanese PIM association proposes “new technology of PIM” ,to optimize its recombination rate of powders,precision of forming,thermal sintering rate and other relevant processes.

3) developments of PIM after global financial crisis
Being influenced by global financial crisis,American auto giants are facing huge menaces. the first three seasons of 2008,the output of iron powder decreased 8.5%,14.2% and 23.7% respectively. the PIM industries are under heavy stresses for the main industrial countries.

4) The effects of the expansion of domestic demands to Chinese companies
One of Chinese expansion of domestic demands is “appliances to the countryside”。From the published list of it,fridge,air conditioner and motorcycle are all in the list,thus the demands of cooling and compressing components and clutch components are recovering and enhancing;on the other hand,with encouraging policy of buying private cars,the demands of automotive PIM components are enhancing gradually.