Injection Molding

1.Characterization of metal injection molding technology

Metal injection molding is a high-tech technology which derived from plastic injection molding.
MIM of plastic injection molding, high polymer chemistry and powder metallurgy and metal materials, and other disciplines.Powder metallurgy can take advantage of the billet mold injection molding parts, tby degreasing, sintering, rapid production of high-density, high-precision, complex shape metal structural parts,to quickly and accurately ideas materialized into a certain structure and functional properties of metal products in order to achieve high-volume, large-scale production.

Powder metallurgy thanks to a large amount of binder as a means to enhance flow, like injection molding can process arbitrarily complex metal parts, this is impossible to achieve by traditional molding of powder metallurgy;Powder metallurgy is a kind of net-shape forming technology, with almost no subsequent processing, parts manufacturing cost is greatly reduced, so need dozens of machining process that can obtain a forming production parts.In addition,due to the uniformity of flow during injection molding filling cavity and makes the metal injection molding products everywhere density is very homogeneous, eliminates the inevitable in the powder metallurgy mold process of density inhomogeneity.And as a result of micro-powder, the product can reach very high density after sintering, thus, mechanical properties of MIM products are generally superior to the molding process and precision casting and processing the resulting product and was internationally hailed as “one of the most popular parts forming technology”

products of MIM have the following characteristics:
Production of casting, extrusion, forging and so on can not be processed high-performance composite special-shaped parts.
Can be mass produced many fine special-shaped parts.
Can produce complex shapes like a manufacturer of plastic products for small shaped metal parts.( 0.1 ~500g )
Workpiece parts uniform microstructure, high dimensional accuracy, high relative density (96%)
Good surface finish

Stable product quality, high production efficiency, easy to implement large scale production

2.Advantages of metal injection molding technology.

Since the characteristics of metal injection molding with similar plastic injection molding, able to quickly and accurately design ideas materialized into a certain structure and functional properties of metal products for high-volume, suitable for mass production, therefore, metal injection molding technology has its unique advantage.
Metal injection molding compared with other technology, has the following advantages:

●Cost advantage

2● Efficiency advantage



● Performance advantage
4● Shaped parts machining precision miniaturization advantages of composite material properties.For the opposite sex can not be micro-machined parts, metal injection molding technology has unique advantages.As hard and brittle materials and plastic composite material can be processed, while other methods does not have this advantage

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