Nondestructive Testing

Nondestructive testing
In any inspection procedures must be identified four possible scenarios. The purpose of inspection is to accept non-defective parts and reject defective parts.The worst case is to accept defective parts, while refused to zero defect parts can cause waste. Therefore, careful work must be directly to make acceptance and rejection. This is often based on the analysis of the non destructive.
Visual inspection is important, but the NDT work has made great progress. This technology can detect defects based on ultrasound, X-rays and vortex. Closed loop feedback control are also beginning to use, especially the injection process, the manufacturing process is equipped with instruments and control, and in the process of forming parts carries on the real-time adjustment. Such kind of field control technology has greatly improved the quality of the product.
Conclusion of PIM
Quality inspection should be integrated into the manufacturing process of PIM. Finishing or subsequent processing to ensure that the final product meet application requirements. PIM accomplished using standard engineering material capable of forming a complex shape parts. Accordingly, the production should be flexible, customize product according to the application,it is important to be used on most of the PIM products. After Processing of PIM products the same as the traditional method for engineering materials,the same equipment is often used with other routing and processing of products. Subsequent processing is an effective tool to modify PIM products based on specific customer needs.