Process of Metal injection molding

Metal injection molding (referred to MIM) is a new technology of powder metallurgy and plastic molding to combine metal parts,high-volume manufacturing of small rapid development of complex precision metal parts. Production flow diagram of MIM as follows: QQ截图20140723095418Flow chart of metal injection molding

Mixing process

Machine picture

Product picture

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Feeding: about 60% of metal powder mixed with  40% of binder into a homogeneous feed.
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Injection molding injection molding machine mold
Injection molding: injection molding machine will feed into the injection molding process similar to injection molding.The shape and structure of the parts forming the mold.
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Debonding process 5 6
Debonding: the use of physical or chemical process for removing parts of the binder components from the mixture of metal powder and a binder into a simple metal parts, the volume shrinkage, shape and structure unchanged.
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Sintering process 7 mould
Sintering: This process is the densification of the part, further contraction volume, shape and structure unchanged, when the relative density of ≥ 95%.