The application of PIM

The application of powder injection molding parts are everywhere, here are 10 example illustrates the diversity of PIM products.
1. Replaceable carbide inserts for metal and wood drilling.
2. Used for spray paint and aerosol alumina and stainless steel nozzle.
3. Handle shaped in injection mould forming and connected to the cup body porcelain cups and coffee cup.
4. Steel arm when the car engine with variable valve.
5. Correct teeth with stainless steel orthodontic braces.
6. Alumina automobile spark plugs which Integrated zirconia sensor.
7. Hard disk drives with iron – nickel soft magnetic alloy actuators and latc.
8.The steel security insurance on the pistols and rifles.
9. Hand-held tool steel cable cutting tools.
10. Surgical blade titanium handle.

These products cover the different materials and the application. This diversity only partly reflect the PIM to application opportunities. Despite the wide scope of application, but only part of the material determines the output of the PIM. In terms of material is the main function of the characteristics, almost all the applications are based on the material of the following categories:
1.The biocompatibility (stainless steel, cobalt – chromium, titanium).
2.The corrosion resistance (stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, chromium, titanium alloys).
3. Electrical insulating (silica, alumina)
4. Electronic encapsulation (iron, nickel, tungsten, copper, kovar alloy, invar alloy).
5.The cooling (copper, tungsten, copper, aluminum nitride.
6.High density, high inertia (high density tungsten alloy)
7.The high temperature performance (silicon carbide, silicon nitride, high temperature alloy, refractory materials).
8.The magnetic response (iron, iron – nickel, iron, silicon).
9.Structural materials (low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel).
10.Wear resistance(hard alloy, tool steel, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina and zirconia)

In the next few years, the application will gradually mature, including optical and magnetic components for advanced information systems, good abrasion resistance of high strength steel auto parts, computer, communications, and biomedical systems used in small parts. Historically, because expectations of material performance is different, different applications in the field of engineering parts have different value.

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