The sintering cost

Sintering furnace design depends on the expected production batch, the sintering materials, operating expenses, the types of sintering atmosphere and cooling speed after sintering. PIM with batch furnace charge can be from 1 kg to 300 kg. In the PIM production, the diameter of the sintering furnace can achieve 2-3m, a typical sintering period is 12-36h. On the other hand,adopted the push-rod furnace parts from the entrance to the export duration in 6 to 24h. Running costs will be lower, about $3 / kg, but flexible. Thus, the continuous sintering furnace is usually used similar products – such as table seat. Batch furnace sintering cost is very high, almost $6 / kg。Big parts need slow heating rate and causes the stove with high sintering cost。If need special sintering cycle or special stove, sintering cost would suddenly up to five times. Including part size and shape, material volume, the maximum temperature of the furnace, at the highest temperature of heat preservation time, atmosphere, heating rate, and special fixture or device used in sintering.
An example of sintering cost,a tool steel components of 6g adopt multi-stage vacuum sintering of the sintering cost is $0.10 / piece.But a 8g parts of stainless steel vacuum sintering cost is $0.05 / piece.A 25g sample of steel in the continuous sintering furnace under nitrogen atmosphere sintering costs only $0.02 / piece.