Subsequent processing,testing and packaging costs

Finishing is the last procedure before delivery, the cost is often overlooked, but it is contribution for the whole production cost calculation. Cost of subsequent processing is may very high, for some PIM parts, follow-up processing cost is higher than all the PIM process. Machining, heat treatment, plating gold-plated (especially), and other follow-up processing will increase the added value of products, but will consume valuable resources.

Packaging costs often overlooked by the customer. This may be a paper tube,also may be a single package, makes easy to automatic assembly. This will increase the cost of production.

Inspection is another part of the final cost. Validation test including from 100% of the size measurement to periodically check. These parts need to be blessing to each of the test operation, so that there will be total cost. Therefore, it is desirable to extract random sample, obtained statistical distribution, rather than 100% inspection. Because the content is not clear, so the customer need to discuss related costs associated with any requirements.